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An opportunity to own farmland in Melmaruvathur & we help you set up the farm & assist you with all maintenance activities with our well-trained professionals.

Who Are We?

“Helping you produce food and create warmth through sustainable agricultural practices.”

Welcome to GetFarms. We are a troop of agriprenuers striving to create more of us. We have a great passion for agriculture to revolutionize the approach to farmland management. On that note, we put forward oodles of opportunities for people to buy farmlands for sale at affordable prices.

Our Approach

Our approach towards farming hinges on productivity, profitability, sustainability, and stability. Through these principles, we improve upon farm efficiency, raise family income, and satisfy the basic needs of hunger via the following factors:-

Appropriate Place

The agricultural farms that we have for sale are all located where the climatic conditions are balanced to grow crops. Whether you wish to grow food crops (Wheat, maize, rice, millets) or plantation crops (Coffee, tea, rubber), we have everything sorted for you.

Hygienic Soil

We assess soil quality using Indian government approved methods as this is the first link of the food chain. We provide you guidance from top to bottom in choosing the best & healthy soil for your plants to become trees soon.

Wholesome Seeds

The seeds’ quality plays an essential role in the cultivation of agronomic and horticulture crops. Hence, we determine the seeds’ significant attributes by testing their purity, germination percentage, and moisture content.

Uninterrupted Water Supply

We help plants grow vast and healthy with a continuous supply of fresh water. Our qualified professionals can assist you in efficiently using the water.

Our Impact

Buying farmland from our Agri land marketplace helps ecosystem preservation, water conservation, habitat generation & preservation, and food production with limited resources. Additionally, it has a tremendous return on investment!

Future Enhancements

At GetFarms, we are committed to improving the customer experience. Hence, we come up with various beneficial services to satisfy our customers. A few upcoming enhancements that we have in our pipeline are

Property Listing

Good property listing attracts buyers. We help you list the property on websites and increase your seller score - making your listing more prominent; because a better seller score will lead to more leads for your farm. This, in turn, will help you make a profit.

Agriculture Internship

We plan to provide internship opportunities for agricultural students to uplift their careers. This provides hands-on experience and helps them learn more about the field & develop professional working skills.

Family Farm Day

We are going to introduce a “Family Farm Day” in our eco farms. These farms are the perfect choice to spend the day with your family. You can enjoy all the harvests from the farm and teach your children about agriculture, all day long at the farmhouse.

Get in touch with us to know more about the varieties of farms we have for sale.

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Farming is the backbone of India and it brings everyone together. Join us as a family to do the best farming