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Sep 03, 2021


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Rent a Farm Concept

UshaRaju of Visakhapatnam has devised a rent-a-farm concept that allows people to cultivate organic food.
Yeah, for three months!
On a 600-square-foot plot of land, it is for three months, with the harvest brought to their doorsteps every weekend.

An Initiative

Sudharaniwas the one who came up with an initiative.
She rented 600 square feet of land on the outskirts of town for Rs 2,400 per month and planted 12 different vegetable species

Rent Farming

Farmers raise organic vegetables on her behalf. They then deliver fresh produce to her every Saturday.
She also considered that renting was a more viable option. She added that she receives regular information about her produce and farming methods used by her farmers via Whatsapp.
"Getting 7 kilograms of fresh vegetables directly brought from the farm to our home is incredibly convenient", she says.
She added that she had got some plans to visit the farm once after the lockdown restrictions on the farm are lifted.

Add on the list

Tulasi is an organic farmer who has rented a plot of land on the same farm.
A few months ago, she came to the farm with her husband and two children to learn and develop their farming skills.
"It's critical and crucial that my children understand where the food comes from. They should be aware that growing vegetables without chemicals or toxic pesticides is challenging but not impossible. We had a great time spreading seeds, watering crops, and harvesting them as a family," she says.

What do customers get through Rent Farming?

Customers receive everything, from land to seeds, labour, knowledge, and home delivery of 6-8 kilograms of veggies every weekend, for a monthly rent of 2,400 rupees.
About 75 urban households currently embrace the subscription model, which eliminates difficulties such as lack of land, expertise, and labour.
More crucially, the project assists an increasing number of city people in making the switch to chemical-free food. It's a win-win arrangement for farm labourers who get a steady paycheck and buyers who get fresh produce.


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