Some of your Questions:

Q. What are the steps to buying farmland?

The process of buying farmland would include the following steps :-

  • Step 1: The title deed of the plot - The property title confirms the seller’s name and verifies whether the seller has an absolute right to sell the property.
  • Step 2: Agreement for sale - After verifying all the documents, a written agreement on the cost is generated.
  • Step 3: Stamp duty on the land - A stamp duty paid shall be considered a legal document and can be admitted in court, as evidence.
  • Step 4: Registration of the land - Registration is the process by which a copy of a document is recorded, and the title of the immovable property is transferred in the name of the buyer.
  • Step 5: Conveyance Deed - This document will help you determine ownership of the property, where the property is located and the details such as site measurement, boundary details, etc.
  • Step 7: Encumbrance certificate - to ensure that the land has no legal duties or complaints.
  • Step 8: Measuring the land - to ensure that the plot’s measurements and boundaries are accurate and as indicated in the title certificate.

Q. What is GetFarms?

GetFarms is an Agri land marketplace where you can find farmlands for sale at affordable prices. You can grow as many fruits or vegetables as you want the natural farm-fresh way, free of chemicals and pollution. You can also take the harvests along with you to enjoy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Q. What are the benefits of GetFarms?

Our highly qualified and well-trained professionals will always be there to assist you 24/7. Furthermore, we assure you to provide :-

  • An optimised layout
  • Easy to maintain
  • Uninterrupted water supply

Q. How to invest Farmland in GetFarms?

As the first step, we suggest you choose the land that satisfies your requirements. If you are unsure about which type of land to buy, we will always help you. Once you have made a choice, you can contact us to proceed further.

Q. What are the sizes of farmlands?

We have large farms for sale where you can grow crops traditionally yet in a technological way. If you would like to know the specific details, kindly contact GetFarms support to learn more.

Q. What are the types of Farmland available in GetFarms?

We have ;-

  • Agri Land
  • Small Farms
  • Eco Farms

If you are a beginner, we will guide you in the whole process of choosing the best farmland that’s the most suited for you.

Q. What kind of Farming techniques would you recommend?

We recommend using techniques like :-

  • Drip Irrigation
  • Ripper-Furrow Irrigation
  • Sub-Surface, etc., to water your crops.

Q. Does GetFarms test the Soil?

Yes, we test the soil of all the farmlands that we have for sale. We ensure soil health by performing soil analysis to grow all kinds of crops according to the climatic conditions. We also provide you with insights in the form of a report.

Q. Does GetFarms support farming maintenance?

Yes, we will support you throughout the process. We will help you generate revenue from the farmland harvests and even with the other income sources. Additionally, we will help you choose the best water conservation methods, soil preservation, etc.; furthermore, our professionals will be there to solve your queries.

Q. Does Getfarms help to generate income/revenue?

Yes. Investing in farmland is like investing in the future. Apart from the annual harvests, you also have other sources of income. Kindly refer to our blog “How does agricultural farmland create long-term wealth and positive impacts on the environment? ” to learn more about generating income/ revenue from farmlands.

Q. Can we bring our family to the farm?

Yes, You can! We are going to introduce Family Farm Day for you to spend the weekend with your family. You can enjoy all the harvests from the farm and help teach your children that agriculture is the backbone of India, all day long at the farmhouse.

Q. Does GetFarm help with Agriculture Loan?

Yes, we help you choose the right loan according to your needs on the farm. For example, if you would like to purchase farming maintenance equipment, crops’ cultivation, etc., you can opt for the crop loan. Similarly, there are other types of loans as well to satisfy various other requirements. Kindly check out our blog post - “Types of Agricultural Loans” to learn more.

Q. What are the types of Agricultural Loans available in India?

Most common types of agricultural loans that are opted by farmers in India are :-

  • Crop Loan :- for short-term expenses during crops’ cultivation, farm equipment maintenance, and other activities.
  • Agricultural Term Loan :- to satisfy non-seasonal expenses.
  • Farm Mechanisation Loan :- to buy machines like tractors, trucks, and harvesters with power tillers to mechanise work.
  • Horticultural Loan :- for setting up vegetable farms, clearing out the remains of cut down trees, minor irrigation activities, landscaping & fencing, etc.