Groove To The Mangoes: Nature's Sweetest Notes In Every Bite

Imagine waking up to the rustling leaves and the sweet fragrance of ripening mangoes, a daily serenade from the heart of nature. This haven of mango enchantment is strategically located near Padalam, Chengalpattu, a mere 13 kilometers from NH 45.

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Green Harvests, Golden Profits: Legacy in Organic Agriculture

Getfarms leads the organic farmlands and agriculture industry with over 35 years of expertise in eco-farming nationwide. As the most distinctive brand on the market, we pride ourselves on cultivating mango farmlands in an environmentally responsible manner. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture ensures ongoing profitability for our customers, offering superior mango plantations in coveted locations. Currently, an exclusive mango farm sale in Pondicherry is available through Getfarms, combining the charm of traditional agriculture with modern comforts. Join us in shaping the future of eco-friendly farming, where innovation meets tradition in every harvest.

  • Over 50+ varites of trees
  • Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Water Management
  • Free Site Inspections
Why choose

Farmland in Padalam?

  • 10 years Grown up trees
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Meditation
  • Walking Track
  • On-Road Site
  • Gated community
  • Free Drip irrigation facilities
  • Individual Roadways
  • 13 km from NH45
  • Just 10 mins from Chengalpattu
  • 35 km from The New CMBT Bus Stand
  • Ground level water in 20 feet
  • Good soil facility (Red soil)
  • 2 Kms drive from NH 45.
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    Gated Community Farms

  • Buy Mangofamrs Chennai

    High Value trees

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    Water Management

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    Proper Electricity Connection

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    Man Power Support

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    Gated Community Farms

  • Buy Mangofamrs Chennai

    Gated Community Farms


Explore The Beauty Of Our Thriving
Mango Farms

Mango farm land for sale in chennai
Mango farm land for sale in chennai
Mango farm land for sale in chennai
Mango farm land for sale in chennai

Planning To Invest In A Mango Farm?

Getfarms is an online platform to buy managed Mango Farmland in Chennai. Escape to our charming mango farms for a weekend getaway and indulge in a perfect blend of adventure

  • 1 Year Free Maintenance

    We ensure your farm remains in top shape by offering one year of complimentary maintenance.

  • Manpower For Day To Day Work

    >We provide skilled manpower to take care of your farm's daily chores, so you can enjoy your rural retreat without worry.

  • Weekend Retreat

    Escape the city and unwind at your own private weekend retreat with tranquility of nature and the comfort of our well-equipped farms.


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