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Melmaruvathur Property

GetFarms’s current project at Melmaruvathur is aiming to create a
sustainable community through organic farming. The farmland in Melmaruvathur is equipped with

  • Perfect Soil Density
  • Adequate Water Supply
  • Diversified Crops
  • Appropriate Climatic Conditions
  • 24 / 7 Guidance On Farming
  • 15 + Amenities And Features

Upon successfully registering our previous farm, GetFarms brings you yet another ecological farm located in Melmaruvathur, just 30 minutes away from Tindivanam. Our Melmaruvathur farm is scattered for 15 acres with perfect soil density and adequate water supply, making it ideal for performing agriculture. The farm creates significant positive impacts on the environment and aims at creating wealth & prosperity.

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How We Maximize The Survival Of Crops At GetFarms?

Water is a critical component in agricultural production. Surviving in a world where water has so much significance, we need to use proper management methods to conserve it in agricultural farmlands.

At GetFarms, we use the Drip Irrigation Technique to water our plants. Being the oldest method created by humankind, it is inexpensive, easy to install, and helps maximize plant health by channeling the right amount of water.

With the unlimited water supply in our farms, we will help you take care of your plants sustainably without harming them.

Benefits of investing in the farmland include

Landscaping & Soil Analysis

We help you landscaping the farm by planting the right and local crops that suit the location’s climatic condition. Additionally, before planting any crops, we analyse the soil to determine its fertility. We consider the soil sample, perform pulverisation, and check if every component such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrate, Sulphate, Boron, etc., is in the correct concentration. We also provide you with a complete report of what we analysed.

Water Quality Test

We assist you in examining the water quality by conducting experiments like :-

  • pH Test :- Measures the acidity level in the water.
  • Chloride Test :- Measures the amount of chloride dissolved in water.
  • Salinity Test :- Measures the non-carbonate salts present in water.
  • Turbidity Test :- Reveals how clear the water is; if the turbidity level is high, it would be difficult for the plants to undergo photosynthesis.

Our recordings and observations are sent to you as a report.

Soil Treatment

We aid you in creating & managing the soil in better ways to ensure crop productivity. Some of the methods we rely upon include crop rotation, pH level maintenance, Tilling, and Accent Vegetation.

Fencing & Perimeter Check

We calculate the area of the land with the help of innovative technologies like IoT enabled drone. Additionally, we perform a perimeter check survey to ensure that there are no intrusions into the farm.

Once we have our insights based on the experiments, we document the same and give it to you for future reference.

Seed Selection

Our app can help you reach a greater audience worldwide just from your place of worship. Live video services can further help to convey the message effectively.


You will never walk alone. We are here to share our knowledge from the discussions with various agricultural experts. Moreover, our qualified professionals can guide you through every step of the farming process.

Plantation & Growth Phase

We help you choose the right crops according to the soil conditions of the location and climate. On average, the highest temperature in Melmaruvathur is 42 ℃, and the lowest temperature in Melmaruvathur is 15 ℃. Hence, we always opt for crops that satisfy these temperatures so that they can produce more yields.

Furthermore, the plants receive nourishment throughout the growth phase - seedling, vegetative, budding, flowering, and ripening.

Maintenance & Revenue

Every segment of farming impacts crop production. It’s essential to maintain the plants once they reach maturity. We are here to make the necessary arrangements for crop maintenance practices such as irrigation, weeding, mowing, and pruning.

Apart from this, we also generate a revenue report on payments that you’ve received over the month.

Plot Layout


Future Enhancements

At GetFarms, we are committed to improving the customer experience. Hence, we come up with various beneficial services to satisfy our customers. A few upcoming enhancements that we have in our pipeline are -

Property Listing

Good property listing attracts buyers. We help you list the property on websites and increase your seller score - making your listing more prominent; because a better seller score will lead to more leads for your farm. This, in turn, will help you make a profit.

Property Listing

Good property listing attracts buyers. We help you list the property on websites and increase your seller score - making your listing more prominent; because a better seller score will lead to more leads for your farm. This, in turn, will help you make a profit.

Agriculture Internship

We plan to provide internship opportunities for agricultural students to uplift their careers. This provides hands-on experience and helps them learn more about the field & develop professional working skills.

Family Farm Day

We are going to introduce a “Family Farm Day” in our eco farms. These farms are the perfect choice to spend the day with your family. You can enjoy all the harvests from the farm and teach your children about agriculture, all day long at the farmhouse.

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