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Soil Management Process

An integral part of land management is Soil Management Process. GetFarms focuses on variations in soil types and their characteristics. We aim to enhance our soil quality. GetFarms prefer specific soil management practices to protect and conserve our soil resources.

Our Soil Management Process concentrates directly and indirectly on crop productivity and environmental sustainability. We make sure our soil must be rich in necessary nutrients for plant nourishment, contain adequate minerals and soil organic matters to improve soil structure.

Crop Identification with Soil Test

Soil analysis is GetFarms's valuable tool for your farm. It determines the needed inputs for economic and efficient crop protection.

In GetFarms, soil testing is done to optimize our crop production. It helps us to protect and secure our environment from contamination. The nutritional balance of the crops is maintained using this method.

GetFarms have improved the quality of crops and crop maturity with highly disease & pest tolerance properties through soil testing.

Water Management & Drip Irrigation

GetFarms drip irrigation system is a technique in which the water will flow through a filter and then into special drip pipers. On our farm, water can be supplied through drip tapes or plastic tubes spaced at regular intervals. It permits the water to seep into our soil. Our techniques help to save water in larger volumes.

Manpower for Day to Day Work

GetFarms offer you Human Resource Management as technical and manual support for your farm. We put the right manpower at the right place and time. We ensure to fit that manpower exactly to accomplish your farm goals.

Reports of your Farm on Whatsapp

GetFarms provide our customers an opportunity to make Whatsapp for a farming extension. We offer our farming community a keen and complete report of their farms. It provides clear insights and views on your farm, weather conditions, crop varieties, and other related information.

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