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8 MARCH. 2023

Why should i get my own farm?

In Today's World, Every Individual Would Benefit From Owning A Personal Farm, As Most White-Collar Jobs Are Not Truly Reliable And Farming Has Proven To Be A Sustainable Way Of Life Over The Years. Aside From This, Owning A Farm Brings You Utmost Happiness When You Have Weekend Getaway Surrounded By All Of Nature’s Goodness. A Chilled Out Weekend Enjoying All The Perks That A Farm Has To Offer With Your Loved Ones, Giving You That Much-Needed Brea

One Of The Best Things About Owning A Farm Is The Facility To Have Your Own Crop Cultivation For Harvesting Fresh Fruits And Vegetables. The Concept Of Owning Your Own Organic Farm Doesn't Necessarily Mean Planting Petty Food Crops, It Can Also Mean Starting Poultry Farming, Fish Farming, Hen Farming And More

Some of the major reasons why you should consider getting your own farm are:

1). Health Benefits - Today, There Are A Lot Of Illnesses That Were Not Prevalent During Our Forefathers' Times Because Of The Increase In White-Collar Jobs That Don't Require Much Physical Activity. Diabetes, Stroke, Hypertension, Cancer, And Others Were Not As Common In Years Past Due To The Lifestyle Of Our Forefathers - Farming Activities Contributed Greatly To This. You Will Become More Active Health-Wise And Reduce Your Risk Of Contracting Certain Diseases By Having A Farm.

2). A Weekend Getaway- A Place For Relaxed Weekends Is Garaunteed For A Lifetime. You Can Always Step Away From The Hectic City Life And Take A Break Around Mother Nature. A Pleasant Weekend Lodging Around Scenic Greenery And Mango Trees With Your Loved Ones Is Truly Magical. You Can Unwind From All The Stress And Refresh Yourself For A New Work Week.

3). Access To Fresh Food- Our Busy Work Schedules And Influx Of Restaurants And Malls Have Made Access To Fresh Food From The Farm A Distant Dream Most Of The Time. If You Own A Personal Farm, You Will Not Only Have Access To Fresh Food, But You Will Also Be Able To Prevent Consuming Crops And Fruits That Were Planted With Excessive Amounts Of Chemicals In Order To Speed Up Their Growth, Or Frozen Foods That May Have Been Refrigerated For Years Or Decades.

4). Peaceful Retirement Life - Elderly People Are Often Considered To Be Grumpy As Times Change And They Are Simply Suppressed In Closed Spaces And A Hectic City Life. Though They May Be Around Family There Is No Real Connections When We Are All Busy With Our Own Lives. A Trip To Your Own Farm Can Do The Magic In Making Them A Lot More Relaxed And Connect Better With The Family. Additionally, This Is The Perfect Retirement Home With All The Health Perks And Meaningful Entertainment That Mother Nature Has To Offer Us.

5). A Child’s Best Gift - It Is Proven That Children Discover Themselves Best Around The Outdoors. Memories Built Around A Farm Is Something They Would Carry With Them For A Lifetime. A Chance To Explore Fun And Wild Outdoor Fun , Which Is Otherwise Restricted In A City Life.

6). An Additional Source Of Income - Your Own Farm Can Be A Source Of Additional Income. Produce From Your Farm Can Be Sold To Neighbours Or Sold At Local Markets For A Good Return.

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