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23 MAY 2024

Your Guide to the Agricultural Land Registration Process in Tamil Nadu

Agricultural Land Registration Process in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a state with a rich agricultural heritage, offering fertile lands and a favorable climate for growing various crops. However, the process of registering agricultural land can be confusing due to complex rules and administrative procedures. Whether you are an experienced farmer or a first-time land buyer, understanding the registration process is essential to ensure legal ownership and avoid future disputes. This guide will take you through the key steps and requirements for registering agricultural land in Tamil Nadu, helping you achieve a smooth and hassle-free experience

Step-by-Step Guide to Agriculture farmland Registration in Tamil Nadu

Verify the land title and ownership

Prior to beginning the selection cycle, it is important to affirm the title of the land to ensure there are no legitimate discussions or encumbrances. Get the Encumbrance Statement (EC) from the sub-selection focus' office, which gives details of all enlisted trades on the property over a predefined period. This statement confirms whether the land is freed from legitimate liabilities and ownership issues.

Outline and Assessment of Land

The resulting stage includes a survey and assessment of the land to determine its cautious cutoff points and angles. This is ordinarily coordinated by the Pay Division, which gives a Field Assessment Book (FMB) sketch. The FMB sketch is essential for perceiving the land's veritable attributes and confirming that they match the subtleties in the property reports.

Get Patta and Chitta

In Tamil Nadu, Patta and Chitta serve as the primary reports for land enrollment. The public master gives a patta, a genuine report that distinguishes between having a place and land subtleties, to the authentic proprietor of the property. Chitta, then again, contains data about the property's region, size, and groupings (wetland or dryland).

To get Patta and Chitta: Present an application to the Tahsildar office. Give critical archives such as the course of action, past Patta movement subtleties, and ID confirmation. Before issuing these reports, the compensation controller will conduct a field-wide check.

Real assessment and documentation

Authentic assessment involves checking each of the land records, including the game plan deed, mother deed, Patta, Chitta, and EC. Interacting with an authentic master to review these reports can upset future verifiable requests. Ensure that all reports contain solid information, as there are no confusing obstacles.

Strategy of Suggestion Deed

The game plan deed is the major report expected for land enrollment. A supporting report author or a sponsor should draft it. The plan deed ought to include:

Subtleties of the purchaser and merchant.

The property's depiction is coordinated.

Deal thought absolute.

Date of move and ownership.

Inside, the two players should sign the game plan deed, with two observers present.

Stamp Responsibility and Selection Charge

Before choosing the land, you really need to pay the fitting stamp responsibility and enlistment cost. In Tamil Nadu, the stamp responsibility for developing areas is usually 7% of the property's market value, and the selection charge is 1% of the property's market value. You can pay these charges online or at the office of the sub-enlistment center.

Execution of the Suggestion Deed

The executed course of action should be presented to the sub-recorder's office for enrollment. Both the purchaser and the merchant, or their designated specialists, should be present near the observers. The sub-determination center will thoroughly review the narratives, facilitate an individual's request, and then register the deed. Upon successful enlistment, an exceptional report number is assigned to the course of action.

Move of Land Records

Post-selection, it is fundamental to update the compensation records to reflect the new possession.

This coordinated effort is known as change. To change the land records: Present an application to the nearby compensation office with a duplicate of the selected deal deed.

The compensation official will approve the application and update the records.

The change ensures that the new proprietor's name remains in the public power land records, a crucial aspect for future exchanges and commitment purposes.

Secure Animated Patta

Finally, obtain a resuscitated Patta with the new proprietor's name from the Tahsildar office. This resuscitated Patta serves as the certifiable proof of possession and is essential for any future land exchanges or questions.


Registering agricultural land in Tamil Nadu involves several steps and careful checks to ensure everything is legal. While the process might seem complicated, understanding each step can make it easier and protect your investment. It's important to consult with qualified land experts to grasp the details of land registration. By following this guide, you can ensure a smooth and straightforward registration process, securing your agricultural land in Tamil Nadu.

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